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Bowls Etiquette

(for Bowlers and Spectators)

Dress appropriately and ensure that you know the dress code for each game or match in which you are taking part.  Always show respect for your opponent(s) by arriving in time and allow sufficient time to change before the game.  Always remember that when playing on another green, you are an ambassador for the Northaw & Cuffley Bowling Club.

Please enter and leave the bowling green by the steps provided.  Avoid walking across rinks when other people are playing and do not stand or sit on the banks while waiting to play.  The artificial banks will stand some abuse but people sitting on the banks tend to place their feet on the edge of the green, which can cause serious damage.

It is customary to introduce yourself and shake hands with your opponent(s) both before play starts and after the game is finished.
During the game please keep still when a bowler is about to deliver his bowl.  Stand well back from the head, and do not talk or do anything that would distract your opponent.

Please bear in mind that some people like to see the rink boundary markers and the centre pin whilst playing so ensure that you are not obscuring them.

On sunny days ensure that your shadow does not fall on the jack.

Wait until the bowl has been delivered before moving.

Spectators who are in the player’s line of vision should also keep still while bowls are being delivered.

If you are at the same end as the player delivering a bowl you must stand behind the mat thus staying out of the player’s line of vision.

Keep well away from the head when another player or a marker is measuring.  Bowls should not be removed until all the shots have been agreed.  If an Umpire is called to make a decision, then everyone must move away from the head, and the Umpire’s decision is final.

Please take care not to drop bowls onto the green.

If you need to talk to another player, never interrupt them when a game is in progress.

At the end of the game it is customary, once again, to shake hands with your opponent(s) and congratulate/commiserate with them appropriately and offer to buy a drink if you have won the game.  Where a marker has taken part, then you should also offer them a drink.

Bad language and smoking is not allowed on or off the rink.

By following the above basic principles we can be sure that we are contributing towards the enjoyment of the game for everyone involved, both on and off the green.

Happy bowling!
March 2024
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